May, 2016

Beat The Heat And Save Some Green

The HomeLife Magazine

There are plenty of reasons to be excited that winter is finally over. Among them: no more slick roads, heavy jackets, freezing temperatures or dry skin. Spring’s arrival also means an end to those expensive heating bills you paid all […]

Admire + Acquire

The HomeLife

Every week, we’re bringing you our Friday Finds – goodies that can add some excess braggage to your home. Hollywood Canvas Wall Art Gradient overlays tone a snapshot of the iconic Hollywood sign on this original piece of artwork printed […]

Worried About Data Breach Risks?

The HomeLife Magazine

For many Americans, recent high-profile retail data breaches have been a wake-up call. Even those who never did business with the breached retailers might have found themselves wondering what they can or should do about data breach risks. While you […]